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Zack Peters

Joining See You Later Leaner in 2016 as a competitor, Zack has competed and worked with many individuals within the bodybuilding community.  Zack started his fitness journey at a later age than most. Throughout elementary and middle school Zack was known by many as “the fat kid”; spending more time playing video games and watching movies, than sports and athletics.  Having a complacent lifestyle, paired with his mother's baking and home cooked meals, Zack was not on a healthy path. After transitioning into his second year of high school, there was a shift for Zack's habits due to a single decision, joining the wrestling team. 


During his three years as a wrestler Zack shifted from being a follower to a leader, an unhealthy lifestyle to one committed to health and fitness.  He went on to being a successful wrestler in his city, winning multiple titles. After graduating high school, Zack studied mathematics and educational leadership, all the while studying and practicing nutrition and training ideologies on himself and clients.  While working out at his college gym, Zack met his future wife and nutrition major Katherine, leading him to a lifestyle even more committed to fitness. With Zack’s knowledge about leadership and instruction and Kats nutrition and physical training background, the two grew closer and closer as they found themselves becoming more passionate about bodybuilding and fitness.

Earning a Bachelors and a Masters degree in Mathematics, as well as a Masters in Administration, Zack has been able to apply his skill set as a leader and educator to bodybuilding and coaching.  As a leader, Zack’s core values include empathy, grit and teamwork. He has a skill for keeping a calm and collected open mind when working with others and making critical decisions. He values hard work ethic, resilience and perseverance.  Zack is passionate about helping those in his community finding success through a shared vision made by an honest collaboration.  

To Zack, the skills gained as a competitor and as someone living a healthy lifestyle, transfer to all aspects of life.   As a coach, Zack’s mission is:


“to build capacity within my clients to find a lifestyle that fits their health and fitness goals”

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Kat Peters

Kat has been involved in the fitness community since 2010 as a powerlifter, bodybuilder, trainer and nutrition expert.  Like many people, Kat came into the fitness lifestyle after a bad break up. After breaking ties with a boyfriend Freshman year of college, Kat turned her attention to working out and getting stronger, focusing on powerlifting and bodybuilding exercise programs.  As her lifts in the gym went up, so did her self confidence. Seeing how import fitness can be as a tool for coping with life challenges, Kat changed her major to nutrition, while working as a personal trainer at the college gym. During her time as an undergrad, Kat met her future husband, Zack. 

As a couple, Kat and Zack began working with Adam at See You Later Leaner as competitors.  Kat began competing as a bikini competitor, quickly earning national qualification and competing within the national circuit.  During her competition seasons, Kat became interested in the psychological aspects of competing, and decided to earn her master's degree in Counseling. 

Using her experience as a powerlifter, bodybuilding competitor and as a counselor, Kat has been successful in helping people on their fitness journeys. 

Kat is a firm believer in using science as the primary factor in helping people reach their goals. As a coach, Kat utilizes an adaptive approach to each area of nutrition and fitness programming, based on genetics, lifestyle and the background of the individual, as Kat believes that in order to be successful the diet must fit the client, and not the other way around.  As a coach, Kat’s mission is to: 

“help people to find their self confidence by uncovering their physical and mental strength” 

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